Our individually manufactured bobbins cover numerous potential applications – with a core diameter of 10 to 700 mm, their winding width is precisely adapted to requirements. This makes the bobbins ideal for winding any type of tapes, cords, belts, cables and other uniform or non-uniform cross-sections. They are suitable for both tape and cross-winding.

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1 Bobbin crimped ¦ 2 Bobbin glued to ring ¦ 3 Bobbin glued to circumference ¦ 4 Bobbin glued to inner core


Core diameter ¦ 10 – 700 mm
Winding width ¦ To suit conditions and requirements
Side disk ¦ Crimped, glued, inserts
Printing ¦ Single or multi-colour printing to suit
customer requirements
Bobbins are always designed to the
customer’s specification.


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