Display tubes and angled display stands

Whether for the presentation of goods, for shelf and exhibition stand construction or as a pallet display – our display tubes and angled display stands can be used for numerous applications: Simply combine the display tubes with connecting sleeve (perforated, punched or slit) with our equal or unequal side angle profiles (slit, perforated, punched or self-adhesive) to design your presentation or your décor however you wish.

Data sheet for download

1 Display tube, slit ¦ 2 Display tube, connecting sleeve ¦ 3 Angled display stand, slit ¦ 4 Angled display stand, perforated

Display tubes
and angled display stand

Inside diameter ¦ 12 – 1,200 mm
Length ¦ Max. 10,000 mm
Material ¦ Depending on application and use
Surfaces ¦ Labelled, water-repellent, to suit
customer requirements
Printing ¦ Single or multi-colour printing
to suit customer requirements


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