Edge protection profiles

Custom designs

For the transport and storage of fragile goods, we offer edge protection profiles not only with symmetrical and asymmetrical angles, but also in any custom design. No matter whether U-profile, roll edge protection or flat profile, smooth or grooved – we will find the best possible, customised solution for the protection of your goods. That’s a promise!

Data sheet for download

1 U-profile ¦ 2 Roll edge protection ¦ 3 Flat profile, smooth ¦ 4 Flat profile, grooved ¦ 5 U-profile, 60-degree

Edge protection profiles
Custom designs

U-profiles ¦ Inner width 25 – 130 mm
Inner height 10 – 80 mm
Roll edge protection ¦ Possible from all
edge protection angles
Length ¦ 30 – 5,000 mm
Side thickness ¦ 2 – 8 mm
Standard version ¦ Brown
Printing ¦ Brown as standard, single or multi-colour printing, water repellent surface


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