Shipping tubes

spiral and parallel wound

We have been producing parallel and spiral wound shipping tubes for a broad range of applications for over 50 years. Flexible wall thicknesses from 1 to 20 mm allow a broad range of applications – e.g. for the safe and kink-free transport of plans, films, pictures, prints and more. Our shipping tubes are equipped with plastic or cardboard press-in lids, plastic snap-on lids, or they can be crimped, depending on your requirements and application. The lids can be additionally secured with clips if you wish.

Data sheet for download

1 Press-in lid ¦ 2 Snap-on lid ¦ 3 Crimped ¦ 4 MDF lid

Shipping tubes
spiral and parallel wound

Inside diameter ¦ 12 – 750 mm
Length ¦ Max. 10,000 mm
Wall thickness ¦ 1 – 20 mm
Standard design ¦ Outside golden, inside white
Printing ¦ Single or multi-colour printing
to suit customer requirements
Closures ¦ Press-in or snap-on lid, tacked, clipped, crimped, MDF lid


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