Wound boards

Our wound boards are the perfect solution for packaging your textile piece goods. Low weight and excellent stability are their stand-out features. The uniformly rounded longitudinal edges are extremely gentle on the fabric, even when tightly wound – creases and kinks have no chance of forming. Great for boosting sales and showing your company’s image: the option of custom printing on the end faces…

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1 Wound board

Wound boards

Length ¦ 250 – 1,800 mm
Width ¦ 180 – 250 mm, Standard 180 mm
Thickness ¦ 12 – 33 mm
Material ¦ Depending on application and use
Printing ¦ Single or multi-colour printing to suit
customer requirements
Fittings ¦ Cardboard cap, plastic cap,
sew-in labels


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