Containers and drums

We produce our containers and drums in a diameter range from 30 to 1,000 mm – the overall heights are based on customer requirements. Available with press-in lid, flat lid or MDF lid, they are fully customisable. This makes our containers and drums suitable for a broad range of packaging requirements – from heavy materials such as wires or wire spools, all the way through to adhesives and sealants (thanks to the high temperature resistance of up to 250 degrees).

Data sheet for download

1 Container with grip hole ¦ 2 Container with press-in lid ¦ 3 Container with MDF lid

Containers and drums

Inside diameter ¦ 30 – 1,000 mm
Height ¦ 15 – 1,500 mm
Wall thickness ¦ 1 – 12 mm
Material ¦ Depending on application and use
Printing ¦ Single or multi-colour printing to suit
customer requirements


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