Hard paper tubes

parallel wound

Parallel wound hard paper tubes with an inner diameter of 8 to 76 mm are used primarily in the textile and paper industry as winding tubes. That said, our parallel wound hard paper tubes are also used as protective sleeves, support tubes or cash register rolls.

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1 Punching ¦ 2 Smooth seam ¦ 3 Adhesive tape ¦ 4 With flag ¦ 5 With cover sheet lettering ¦ 6 Outer lamination

Hard paper tubes,
parallel wound

Inside diameter ¦ 8 – 76 mm
Length ¦ Max. 1,700 mm
Wall thickness ¦ 0.8 – 6 mm
Material ¦ Depending on application and use
Surfaces ¦ To suit customer requirements


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